Investment fund plan - Simulator

Design your investment fund plan.

You have two ways to simulate your plan:

  • 1. Design your plan defining a target or goal amount.
  • 2. Design your plan based on your regular contribution amount.


Texto de error
25 %
-25 %

The returns tool will help you calculate the expected annual returns of your regular annual investment. Please keep in mind that returns are not guaranteed and that the overall performance will depend on factors specific to the product, risk assumed, market trends and changes, etc. Therefore, there is a possibility of incurring financial losses due to such factors.

The simulation results depends on the returns shown in the bar, so they are not based on the historical results of the products offered. Keep in mind that the returns may be affected by the costs associated with the investment. Therefore, this forecast is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Calculation result:

Target amount
Investment timeframe
Initial amount to invest