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Requirements for purchase

Before asking about how much insuring your home with Liberty Seguros will cost, please check that your property meets the requirements below. If it does not, we will not be able to offer this insurance to you:

  • The property is in Spanish territory.
  • It is not a second home in an unpopulated area which is continuously unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days a year or at weekends.
  • It is not left vacant for more than 180 consecutive days per year.
  • The property is in an urban centre or no further than 1km from an urban centre. This distance will be measured based on usable roads for road traffic. An "urban centre" refers to an urban area with all public water, lighting, sewage and telephone services.
  • The property is not intended for industrial and/or commercial activities.
  • Content for professional activities does not exceed 25% of the total insured content.
  • The property is not under construction or undergoing major renovation and has all of the building and occupancy licences and/or permits.
  • The property is made up of external walls, a roof and a load-bearing structure made out of solid and non-combustible materials, and it is not a motorhome, caravan and/or trailer-home.
  • The property is not a timeshare, and is not intended for room rentals or sublets, nor it is a property intended for holiday or tourist rentals.
  • The property is not a unique and/or listed building of artistic or historical interest.